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Kindle Battery Charging Issue – How to Restore Kindle If it is Not Charging

Kindle Devices are amazing. The readers love the features of Kindle devices but sometimes these devices stop smooth functioning. It happens with every kind of gadgets. Probably Kindle not charging issue is most frequent one that occurs in Kindle devices. Luckily, there are several troubleshooting approaches you can take to figuring out the source of your charging problems, and in this brief overview, we are going to show you how to solve Kindle battery charging issue?

Kindle Not Charging ? – These May be Possible Reasons

When a tablet won’t charge, there are basically four possible reasons for the Kindle battery charging issue:

First, there can be a software problem. Second, may the main problem is with the battery itself. The third case, the charger is the problem and the last case, there might be the problem with the charging port on the tablet. We will look at each of these possibilities. If your Kindle device is not charging for some reason such as Kindle not charging orange light, there are some logical troubleshooting steps we can take to find out the root cause and then we can fix this Kindle battery charging issue. We will start with the easiest thing to check and then move up from there.

  • Check the device status: Make sure you have power in the outlet you are trying to charge from.
  • Test the charger: This is an easy thing. If the charger is not working, you can figure out this problem. Despite using the charger, use the cable to connect to a computer or other USB power source. See if your device is charging?
  • The cable of charger: There is also a USB cable that connects the charger to your Kindle device. Now the next step is to test the USB cable first. Fortunately, all micro-USB cables are basically the same so you can try another cable to check whether it is charging or not.
  • Test the charging port: Sometime there may be the problem with the charging port. The cables are not tightly fixed to the port or something related to that can also be the reason behind the charging issue of your Kindle tablet.

Solution for Kindle Battery Charging Issue

If this procedure is not working and still facing Kindle not charging issue then you can try the next one when the further procedure is explained step by step:

  1. Plug your kindle into an outlet: You will want to sue the power adapter method because, in most of the cases, it charges more quickly than the computer method.
  2. Check the yellow light that indicates the Kindle is charging: If you are not able to see the yellow light when the Kindle is connected to the Micro USB port, power adaptor and outlet is not charging. Try it several times till the Kindle recognizes the power source.
  3. Leave the Kindle for charging at least 4 hours: Do not try to get on to the kindle during this time. However, you should check to make sure the yellow light is still on. It may help you in fixing the charging problem issue.
  4. Now unplug after 4 hours: Check to see if it turns on by sliding the power button on, is your Kindle device is charging?
  5. Release the Power button: Hold down the home key to 30 to 45 seconds. When the Kindle screens start to flash, you should release the home key.
  6. Plug the Kindle back into the outlet: When you plug the device for charging, ensure that the yellow charging light is on. Eventually, the home screen should pop up again and you can start using the Kindle.

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Factory Reset

If all the above steps still not effective, then there must be the problem in software. If you are thinking how to restore Kindle if it is not charging? You can also try the factory reset method.

  1. Save all your data
  2. Swipe down on the Home screen to access the menu
  3. Select setting and Device options
  4. Select reset factory defaults
  5. Select reset to confirm factory reset
  6. Now restart the Kindle device

If nothing works then contact our Amazon Kindle Support team, which will surely solve your issue.

All these methods are the solution to the problem of the Kindle battery charging issue. You can try any of them. Hope they will be effective for you. For a more specific solution, you also can visit the site of Amazon Kindle.

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