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September 12, 2018
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Kindle Cloud Reader Application for Accessing Books Online

kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader can be considered as the medium which helps Kindle users to read Kindle books online, using the web browser. Those, who do not possess Kindle e-reader handheld device, can still access Kindle e-books via any computer. They just need to open a web browser and then enter special URL. Kindle Cloud Reader is basically a free application which users can find by visiting the URL: “”.

Using Amazon Kindle cloud is obviously beneficial, as users do not have to purchase Kindle tablet. Nevertheless, it is absolutely fine if someone does not have any Smartphone. The online books can easily be accessed through desktop or laptop computers. In the following section, a few crucial tips and important facts on Kindle Cloud will be shared so that users can learn more details about this application with perfection.

Amazon Cloud Drive And Kindle Cloud Library

Before moving forward, users should know a few basic things about Amazon cloud drive and Kindle cloud library. Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other cloud storage services, Amazon also offers cloud storage service to users. This storage service has nothing to do with Kindle books, as the storage service can be used for storing any files that you want. All the Kindle account books are also stored on cloud storage of Amazon. Users need Kindle device to reach those books. Instead of Kindle device, Kindle Cloud Reader application can be used to access the books from any devices with web browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc.

Kindle Cloud Reader Application is Available for Everyone

So, what is Kindle cloud reader? In the year 2011, Kindle Cloud Reader was launched. Initially, it was available for those who own Amazon Kindle handheld device or tablet. At present, web-based Kindle application is available for everyone. Users can have two accounts on Amazon. For example, Indian users can have accounts in both and However, the contents cannot be accessed from both accounts simultaneously. You should use either regional account or global account to access the Amazon cloud reader.

Features of Kindle Cloud Reader Application

When you have learned how do I get to my Kindle cloud, it is now the turn to learn about some basic features. The most notable thing is that you cannot add your personal files on the Kindle Cloud Reader application. That means you cannot add any e-books of your choice. However, you can, of course, use the cloud storage of Amazon for storing your files or e-books. It is to be reminded again that Kindle Cloud application and Amazon Cloud storage are two different services.

Add Books From Kindle Store

Any book that you find at the Kindle Store can be added to your Kindle Cloud application. There are many sections for books at the Amazon Kindle Store. Well, you can choose books from any section and add them to your Kindle Cloud application so that you can connect to those books later from your web browser.

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