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October 1, 2018
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How to Solve Kindle Device Registration Failed – Solution

Kindle Device Registration Failed

 Every avid reader must be familiar with the Kindle. Because Kindle is a great device when it comes to reading. This Amazon product is amazing which is known for its unique features that replaced traditional methods of reading. Kindle device is a good device for everyone. But with all kinds of good devices, many types of errors also comes with it. Have you ever been in a situation when there was an error while registering the Kindle device ? If yes, then this article is for you!

So we are discussing Kindle device registration error.

The Reasons Behind the Kindle Device Registration Failed Error

Kindle Device Registration FailedBefore using the Amazon products, you have to make an account. Multiple devices can be used through a single Amazon account. But the Kindle account can only be accessed with one Amazon account. An account cannot be used by multiple devices. Kindle handles only a single account and it cannot be used with any other Kindle device until it is registered with this device.

There are several benefits of using the single account on Kindle. Be it books or magazines, it takes into all kind of content which can be read on the kindle. For all the internet users, they can simply click on the share to kindle button where it is supported. Then they have to enter the mail account which is registered with that Kindle and the book will be shared automatically to that device in e-pub format. So if your Kindle device is showing Kindle device registration failed and cannot register, then this registration issue can be solved by using the Manage My Kindle account option in the menu. So how to solve this error?

Here is the Solution to the Kindle Registration Error

This error occurs only when an account is registered to some device and users cant register Kindle. There are many different ways to solve it. For the beginners, it can be easily solved by checking via PC if an account is registered to any device or not. We can also try to deregister an account from a device if it is needed.

If you want to deregister the account from a device can also be done by the device too. In some cases, registration takes more than 4 hours. It just depends on the server or any other technical issue related to finding your account on the Amazon database. After deregistration, users can log in to another device through Kindle Login. Now all Amazon data will be erased from the Kindle device and it will contain only user data.

After doing the deregistration from a device, try to log in from the computer. Now go to manage Kindle Devices and select the device and account that you want to deregister. Once this is done, enter the password and deregister the device and account.

Now connect the internet, open menu and setting and go to register the account. It will wipe the Amazon data related to all your saved books and other account related details. User use can the same account to log in and register another device but the old data will be synchronized to it automatically and the Kindle registration error will be resolved.

If problems isn’t solved yet, call our kindle support team , they will surely solve your problem.

Now, look at the solution overview of this problem and How to solve Kindle registration error –

  • Check-in PC either this account is registered or not
  • Now deregister the account from the device
  • After deregistration, Log in to another device via Amazon kindle Login
  • Now all Amazon data will be erased
  • Now you can manage Kindle devices by Login from the computer
  • After entering the password, just deregister the device
  • After erasing the data the same account can be used to log in and register another device

After completing the above procedure, this Kindle device registration Error can be easily fixed and now you can start using your Kindle device again.

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