What To Do When Your Kindle Won’t Connect To Wifi!

Firstly, what is Kindle and what is it all about? Well, Kindle is an e-book reader tablet which is created and sold by Amazon Company. Through Kindle devices, users are able to read e-books and also browse, buy, or download them. And not only does it allow you to deal with e-books, but you can also read newspapers, magazines and other digital media through a wireless connection to the Kindle e-book Store, but what if kindle won’t connect to wifi? This article will give you a solution for this.

kindle Won't Connect To WiFi

Amazon Kindle is a unique product, as, according to statistics, after the launch of Kindle, the number of book readers increased rapidly, actually doubled. Even though many book lovers are against it, preferring the printed ‘real’ books to the digital version, many users who weren’t that enthusiastic about reading have changed their minds. It is even better than books sometimes like you can carry so many books whenever you want, unlike the printed books, which have their own weight. But, if you cant connect kindle to wifi, you may need proper kindle tech support team and guidance from them. After its launch in 2011, Kindle has upgraded many a time, having numerous features like reading the book in HD, surfing the internet, listening to music, etc.

Indeed, Kindle is a unique and successful product but there are issues with it too. For instance, one of the biggest problems faced while using it is that Kindle won’t connect to wifi.

Reasons Why Your Kindle Fire Won’t Connect To Wifi

There can be several reasons due to which you cant connect kindle to wifi. One of the reasons could be that the wi-fi connection is poor, or the latest version of Kindle is not supported by your wi-fi router, or maybe you are using a very old model of Kindle, like a pre-2013 version of Kindle. If you are using an old model like the pre-2013 ones and you have not updated your device, then your kindle fire won’t connect to wifi, because of the emergency update alert issued by Amazon.

Amazon Emergency Update; Kindle Won’t Connect To Wifi Anymore

This is an alert which was issued by the Amazon Company two years back, in 2016. As Amazon had declared that if before 22nd March your Kindle devices (specifically the pre-2013 Kindle devices) are not updated, then Kindle won’t connect to wi-fi anymore. That means you won’t be able to read new books, have access to the Kindle e-book Store, or sync your device with the Cloud. And also, you won’t be able to access your previous purchased e-books stored in the Cloud or any other Internet-based service. This was done to upgrade all devices so that users have a hassle-free experience with renewed contempt due to the up-gradation.

While Kindle has an auto-up-gradation feature while it is turned on and connected to the internet, if the device is switched off, then your Kindle won’t be able to auto-upgrade itself and so, your Kindle won’t connect to the wi-fi. Apart from an auto-up-gradation feature, the Kindle also has the option of manual up-gradation. It is done by going to the menu of the home page and pressing the button labeled “Sync and Check for items”. If there is a notification titled “05-2018 Successful Update”, then the up-gradation of your Kindle is successful.

There is another way of manually upgrading your Kindle device. It is done by downloading manual software from the website of Amazon and using a USB cable. If you still can’t connect Kindle to wi-fi, then you have to go to the Amazon Kindle Fire Tech Support.

Kindle Tech Support – The Ultimate Solution You Can Get

Amazon Kindle Fire Technical Support or Amazon Device Support is a vast and resourceful place where you can find kindle tech support solutions to any and every kind of issue you are facing with your Kindle. For instance, if you cant connect kindle to wifi, then go to the Amazon website, then go to the “Help and Customer Service” Section. There is a separate section named “Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi”. There you will find numerous answers to various kinds of problems related to this. There is also a whole separate section titled “Kindle Fire Help” where you will find answers to problems of all aspects of Kindle Fire.

Make A Call To Amazon Kindle Fire Technical Support Phone Number Now!

With all the above-mentioned solutions, if your Kindle is still not working, then you can contact the toll-free number of Amazon Kindle Fire Technical Support phone number which is +18883388633. Whenever you feel stuck while using Kindle and Amazon Kindle Fire, you have the most reliable technical support and a toll-free number, which can guide for better user experience. So, just take your phone and dial Amazon Kindle Fire Technical Support phone number to get quick assistance.

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