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September 13, 2018
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(Solution) Why is My Kindle Battery Draining so Fast?

Kindle Battery Life problem

Amazon is the leading company that manufactures one of the finest Kindle tablet devices. They advertise that readers only need to be charged once a month, but heavy readers will probably find that they need charge more often. Amazon is continuously manufacturing upgraded and new tablets into the market. Most of the time users have the positive review but still, some problems may arise. An issue like Kindle Battery drain continuously is very annoying for the users. The battery of Kindle is not holding the charge for so long is another major concern.

They just feel clueless about this problem. Then often ask why is my Kindle battery draining so fast? 

The Reason Behind the Kindle Battery Life Problem

You may not be using the optimum settings on your Kindle device. It also happened also a firmware update. Maybe the reason behind this problem is with a bug in that version or something related to the indexing of books.

Best Solutions Available for Kindle Battery Life Problem

One of the best things you can do to extend your Kindle battery life and solving Kindle Battery Life Problem is ensuring your Kindle firmware is up-to-date. Your Kindle should be up-to-date if you are connected to any sort of network for belief period of time. The Kindle Firmware does not get updated that often, but it is should do so automatically. You can find out the firmware version by tapping the top of the screen on the Paperwhite, selecting the menu button and then selecting the device information.

Put it to Sleep if Kindle Fire Battery Dies Fast

A simple battery saving tip for your Kindle device is to put it into sleep mode when it is not in use. You can also customize the amount of time your tablet stays awake before it goes to sleep.

Turn off Brightness if Kindle Battery not Holding charge

Next simple tip is to help to save the battery power on your Kindle is to turn down the brightness when if Kindle Battery not holding charge even if it is not in use. Just slide down the quick menu setting, tap brightness and slide down the level of brightness degree according to your need.

Exit out of Apps to Solve Kindle Battery Life Problem

If you are playing a game or using a heavy app, it will make the Kindle Battery drain continuously if it is left running, even when your Kindle device screen goes to sleep. So be sure to exit an app if you are interrupted and going to be away from your device for a while.

Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps if your Kindle Battery drain Continuously

If you have apps that you don’t use anymore that are always running in the background, then uninstall them if you want to save your Kindle battery life.

Turn off the Notification Settings

Some apps have an internal setting that let you turn off notifications or other issues that automatically check things for you, which clearly means those apps are running in the background. Go to the setting and disable the notifications.

Reboot your Kindle Device

This is the most important and simple solution if your Kindle Fire battery dies fast and you want to save your device from battery draining. Just reboot your device and that can help clear up junk on your device that may be using up some of your battery power.

Customer Support Contact Number

Here is Kindle Fire Support Number – Contact Now !!

People generally search, “why is my Kindle battery dying so fast” and if you are looking for any kind of support for this, you can simply call at Kindle toll-free number where the professional technicians are available to help in your problems. They have an enormous amount of experience in providing support of Kindle devices, despite the generation or model number. This service is available 24*7. Get in touch with kindle experts via this toll-free number if you need any help for your Kindle device.

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